About MRH.Crypto


My name is Mark Haring, 28 years of age and living in the Netherlands. I have been invested in the crypto space since 2016 – 2017. As one may have noted, a lot of interesting developments are happening in the cryptospace which brings a lot of different types of opportunities. I like to dedicate myself to finding these opportunities with a longterm view approach.

Previously, I have finalized my master’s degree Financial Engineering and Management. I like to dedicate myself to subjects as Finance, Spare Part Inventory Management and Operations Management. As Inventory Management and Operations Management, you analyze based on statistical pattern recognition and you ensure the effective and efficient course of operations within the company. This combined with a correct cost & benefit analysis results in a cheaper and improved business processes.

One may read my bachelor thesis on “Optimal maintenance planning using reliability information for offshore wind turbines” here!

Sadly, I am unable to share my master thesis as it was executed for a big Dutch financial bank and contains confidential data.

In my free time, I like to travel, engage in sports, cook, spend time with friends but mostly enjoying the life underwater with scuba diving!