About Partisia Blockchain

Partisia Blockchain is a web 3.0 blockchain built for trust, transparency, privacy, and speed of light finalization by combining secure multiparty computation (MPC) and blockchain.

Partisia Blockchain Privacy Preserving Technologies is solving for the world’s largest problems in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

Using MPC, Partisia Blockchain adds a layer of encryption to transactions on the blockchain, allowing users to provide controlled access to data through ZK computations. Our infrastructure can perform ZK computations on-chain, off-chain and across blockchains, adding privacy and confidentiality to blockchains in a decentralised fashion with no single point of trust. Applications include user-driven online auctions, secret sharing, bidding on job procurement, benchmarking metrics, and mining data. The applications of the Partisia Blockchain infrastructure are broad and profound.

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